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Keith C. Behnke Kansas State University Pelleting has been, and continues to be, a popular... More »
Pellet Quality For purposes of this paper, pellet quality will be equated to the ability of pellets to withstand repeated handling without excessive breakage or fines generation. There... More »
Particle Size Optimum particle size for best pelleting results has been a matter of controversy for almost as long as feeds have been pelleted. Young (1960) found no significant... More »
Doug Decksheimer Comco Systems Inc. Introduction And Background In most... More »
The Application Dry Flow Measuring Achieving the desired accuracy is greatly dependent upon the level of accuracy obtained from the dry-flow... More »
Quality Assurance & Automation Quality control issues are of the utmost importance. The application must tie together into a robust automated system. The control system must... More »
John D. Payne Borregaard Ligno Tech UK Introduction The benefits of producing... More »
Maximizing Pellet Quality/Production Rate The addition of binders can help solve pellet quality problems or simply lift your pellet quality to a higher plane. Lignin technology... More »
Doug Reuscher Roskamp Champion USA In the feed manufacturing industry, particle size reduction... More »
Grinding Equipment Both roller mills... More »
Hammermill Processing Hammermills have long been used for particle size reduction of materials used in the manufacture of animal feeds. It could be said the hammermill has been the... More »
Basic Operational Concepts Particle... More »
Screens More time, effort, and dollars are invested and lost in hammermill processing due to screen application failures than would ever be thought possible. Excessive horsepower... More »

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