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Screws and dies are critical parts of extruder. The wear of screws and dies can significantly effects throughput and quality of extrusion products. For feed and food extrusion, the wear of metal... More »
Keith C. Behnke Kansas State University Pelleting has been, and continues to be, a popular processing... More »
Pellet Quality For purposes of this paper, pellet quality will be equated to the ability of pellets to withstand repeated handling without excessive breakage or fines generation. There... More »
Particle Size Optimum particle size for best pelleting results has been a matter of controversy for almost as long as feeds have been pelleted. Young (1960) found no significant... More »
Doug Decksheimer Comco Systems Inc. Introduction And Background In most cases, post-heat... More »
The Application Dry Flow Measuring Achieving the desired accuracy is greatly dependent upon the level of accuracy obtained from the dry-flow measuring... More »
Quality Assurance & Automation Quality control issues are of the utmost importance. The application must tie together into a robust automated system. The control system must fit... More »
John D. Payne Borregaard Ligno Tech UK Introduction The benefits of producing good quality... More »
Maximizing Pellet Quality/Production Rate The addition of binders can help solve pellet quality problems or simply lift your pellet quality to a higher plane. Lignin technology has... More »
Doug Reuscher Roskamp Champion USA In the feed manufacturing industry, particle size reduction (grinding)... More »
Grinding Equipment Both roller mills... More »
Hammermill Processing Hammermills have long been used for particle size reduction of materials used in the manufacture of animal feeds. It could be said the hammermill has been the... More »
Basic Operational Concepts Particle size... More »

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