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Summary Nutrient uniformity is the common objective of every feed manufacturer. A great deal of emphasis is placed on uniformity because of regulatory compliance, animal performance, and... More »
Mark Heimann Roskamp Champion USA In many parts of the world attention is being focused again on a concept... More »
Step Grinding, The European Approach More than ten years ago, a step grinding system approach was being presented by European manufacturers of feed milling equipment as a means of... More »
Step Grind For Efficiency in the U.S. Since corn, wheat, sorghum and barley are the basis for most complete feeds in the U.S., the primary economic benefit of step grinding is an actual... More »
Mark Heimann Roskamp Champion USA Hammermills are commonly used for grinding a broad range of materials... More »
Equipment Description A hammermill consists of a rotor assembly with two or more rotor plates fixed to a main shaft, enclosed in some form of grinding chamber. The actual working... More »
Feeders Proper feeding of a hammermill is absolutely essential if the system is to operate at maximum grinding efficiency, and with the lowest possible cost per ton. Uneven or... More »
Other Considerations Magnetic protection is necessary in order to realize the best life of the working components of the mill. Tramp iron that enters a hammermill can knock holes in the... More »
Avoiding Drug Carryover During Feed Processing and Delivery Drug carryover is a form of feed contamination that may result when the substance in question has been transferred... More »
Sequencing, Flushing and Equipment Clean-out When working with a drug that requires a withdrawal time before the meat animal goes to market or when manufacturing and delivering... More »
Segregation During Handling and Delivery Segregation can occur in ingredients and mixed feeds. A number of sites in the processing, handling, and transit of feed and feed... More »
[Mak Wai Yee] Aquaculture technical sales representatives help farmers in preventing fish diseases, maintaining water quality and increasing yield. Aquaculture is an expanding... More »

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