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Grinding Equipment Both roller mills... More »
Hammermill Processing Hammermills have long been used for particle size reduction of materials used in the manufacture of animal feeds. It could be said the hammermill has been the... More »
Basic Operational Concepts Particle size... More »
Screens More time, effort, and dollars are invested and lost in hammermill processing due to screen application failures than would ever be thought possible. Excessive horsepower per... More »
Other Considerations Magnetic protection is necessary in order to realize the best life of the working components of the mill. Tramp iron that enters a hammermill can knock holes... More »
Single-Screw Extruders From an engineering point of view, an extruder is simply a pump that provides the pressure necessary to force the process mash through a restrictive die. During the... More »
Twin-Screw Extruders In order to create a design with greater operating flexibility and with greater operational control, twinscrew machines were developed. Twin-screw extruders can be... More »
Single- verses Twin-Screw Comparison There is no doubt that twin-screw extruders allow the development and production of a greater array of products but at a significant cost. Twin-screw... More »
Summary Extrusion has become a common process in the feed industry and allows the production of feed types that simply are not possible with pelleting or any other process we have... More »
Keith C. Behnke Kansas State University USA The basic premise used by all nutritionists when formulating... More »
Equipment Properties The range of equipment used to mix feed is at least as diverse as the ingredients. There have been many attempts to reduce mixing concepts to a series of engineering... More »
Mixing Equipment There are three basic types of mixers used in the feed blending operation: horizontal batch, vertical batch, and continuous. The horizontal batch mixer is by far the most... More »
Problem Ingredients The physical properties of ingredients can affect mixing. If all of the physical properties are relatively the same, then mixing becomes fairly simple. As the physical... More »
Compliance Feed manufacturers should not have difficulty meeting requirements established by the regulatory agencies if they adhere to rigid cleaning and operational procedures. When... More »

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