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Mark A. Myers Brock Manufacturing USA Introduction The primary tools used to manage grain in bulk... More »
Moisture Temperature Storage Capability On the left side of this chart (Figure 1) is temperature, and at the bottom is moisture (as a percent of content in whole grain). By reducing the... More »
Aeration Rates How much air is needed to aerate grain in storage? The most common measurement of air is in cubic-feet-per-minute. Typical ratios of air to grain range between 0.05 to 0.20... More »
Aeration Problems And Solutions 1. Aeration Problems - A common problem that can occur during aeration is a front that stops. If someone stops the aeration fan midway... More »
Aeration Conclusions a. Grain should be aerated to i. Maintain uniform temperature in the grain mass. ii. +/- C Average Daily Ambient Temperature (day and night). iii.... More »
Ulysses A. Acasio Department of Grain Science and Industry Kansas State University, USA ... More »
Factors Affecting Safe Product Storage The three major factors affecting the storability of soybean and soybean meal are moisture content, temperature, and duration of storage. The... More »
Deterioration Indicators Heating Heating is the most common indicator of a problem in stored grains and oilseeds. High grain temperatures normally indicate either... More »
Maintenance Of Quality Once soybeans reach maturity and are harvested, their inherent quality is fixed and can only be maintained by proper drying, cleaning, and conditioning. Quality... More »
Summary The success in the storage and handling of soybeans and soybean meal is dependent upon the understanding of the combined effects of the three most important factors causing... More »
Tim Herrman Extension State Leader Grain Science and IndustryKansas State University Moisture Moisture content... More »
Tim Herrman Extension State Leader Grain Science and IndustryKansas State University Laboratories When selecting a... More »

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