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The preference of good-looking products on the fiercely competing market have had feed manufactures pay more attentions to the appearance quality of extruded feed pellets. Muyang therefore... More »
Chin Sou Fei Novus International Pte Ltd Singapore Introduction The daily ration of nutrients... More »
Mixer Testing Routine mixer testing should be an integral part of the quality assurance program and should be conducted quarterly. Procedures for mixer testing are relatively simple and... More »
Color-coded Tracers Microtracerâ„¢ Rotary detector (Micro Tracers, Inc., San Francisco, CA 94124): Inclusion and subsequent analysis for tracer particles is another method for mixer... More »
Conclusion Feed costs comprise the single most expensive component in producing poultry or other types of meat animals. As a result, effort to reduce nutrient variability within feeds... More »
Keith C. Behnke Kansas State University USA The process of extrusion has been around for nearly a century,... More »
Tim Herrman Extension State Leader Grain Science and Industry Procedures for Developing a Control Chart Step 1. Collect samples or measurements during... More »
Statistical Process Control: Techniques for Feed Manufacturing (part 1) Tim Herrman Extension State Leader Grain Science and Industry The application of... More »
The Effects of Diet Particle Size on Animal Performance - Part 1 Cereal grains are the primary energy source in swine and poultry diets. Therefore, not only must producers be concerned... More »
Particle Size and Alternative Grains The type of grain in the diet also will influence the pig's response to particle size reduction. Studies with high-fiber feed ingredients like... More »
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