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Feed News from Europe

The Bühler Technology Group received orders worth CHF 1309 million in the first half-year of 2014. This is a substantial and purely organic increase of 12% over a year ago. With CHF 1031 million,... More »
Miratorg, the largest producer of feed in Russia, invest 380 million rubles (USD$11 million) to increase plant capacity at their Ivnyansky feed mill by 30% (to 340,000 tonnes per year).... More »
KG Group sets sights on EU  14 Jul 2014,  00:23 GMT
Compound feed producers AB KG Group have announced its intentions to continue to invest in order to make its business more independent of Customs Union countries. It company aims to breakthrough... More »
The Scottish Farmer has reported that a new feed mill will built in Ayrshire, located in south-west Scotland. A new joint venture between Coylton-based JC Fergusson and farmer's coop,... More »
Clextral launches Preconditioner+  01 Jul 2014,  00:01 GMT
Clextral recently launched its new preconditioner+. The preconditioner which has been designed in Clextral R&D centers and integrates key innovations that provide tangible production benefits.... More »
Dutch group Denkavit has invested EUR20 million in a new feed mill in Montreuil-Bellay, designed to produce 150,000 tons of feed for young livestock. Denkavit is a major player in the veal... More »
Dutch Silo manufacturers Top Silo Constructions (TSC) have introduced innovative new ultra-slim wall panels to its range of products. A smooth wall silo has a sanitary design getting its... More »
Given that the market demands enough feed, Skretting will produce up to 400,000 tonnes of feed per year at its newly updated, state-of-the-art feed mill at Averøy. The largest fish feed... More »
Last week the Feed Design Lab (FDL), a research and education centre for innovation and sustainability for the animal feed industry, successfully completed its first test. FDL sets out... More »
The Danish company BioMar has resolved to invest more than EUR 50 million in a new production line that will expand the company's capacity in Norway by 30%. The move consolidates BioMar's... More »
FEFAC President Ruud Tijssens illustrated that unprecedented growth opportunities are foreseen for the global agricultural industry because of increasing demand for agricultural products; however,... More »
In increased cooperation between the ministries of Agriculture, Chinese investors will build a feed mill in the Dobrich region, Deputy Agriculture Minister Yavor Getchev informed. He also... More »
The BioMar Group and the Sagun Group, one of the leading Turkish companies within aquaculture, fish processing and trading, announced at the Seafood Show in Brussels the formation of a... More »
Adifo looks to expand with acquisitions  30 Apr 2014,  04:24 GMT
Feed software developers Adifo look to strengthen their market position in China and the US with the acquisition of Brilliant Alternatives (US) and Brill Resellers (CN) in final stage... More »
Dutch animal nutrition and fish feed manufacturers Nutreco, have just released their trading update for the first quarter if this year. Revenue for the first quarter was EUR 853.3 million;... More »

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