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Dinnissen launches new hammer mill with semi-automatic screen changer

Published on 2 June, 2015, Last updated at 09:22 GMT
Dinnissen launches new hammer mill with semi-automatic screen changer

Roughly a year and a half after introducing its new Hamex Hammer Mill fitted with an automatic screen changer, Dinnissen Process Technology is introducing its newest Hamex Hammer Mill fitted with a semiautomatic screen changing system. This latest model was developed to provide users who regularly switch from one product to another with increased speed, convenience, and energy savings.

The semiautomatic screen changer allows the user to quickly change screens without stopping the grinding rotor. This minimizes downtime during the grinding process and maximizes production capacity. In addition, as the grinding rotor and the motor no longer have to be repeatedly switched on and off, it also saves a great deal of energy. When using the Hamex Hammer Mill with semiautomatic screen changer, the screens are automatically removed from the hammer mill but, in contrast to the automatic screen changer, the operator manually removes the screens from the screen holder and manually inserts the new screens.

The semiautomatic screen changing system then automatically inserts the screen holder back into the hammer mill. As a result, the grinding step never needs to be the limiting factor in a production process. The investment needed for a semiautomatic screen changing system is also relatively limited.

Like its predecessor, the newest Hamex Hammer Mill with semiautomatic screen changing system has a completely new design for housing the screen panels, grinding panels, and hammers inside the hammer mill. This results in a 20% higher production capacity at the same level of power consumption.

The new Dinnissen hammer mill also has a very robust design and operates at a maximum speed of 1800 RPM, making it much less sensitive to vibrations and malfunctions. This is not only beneficial for the operator but also makes the new hammer mill extremely reliable in operation and very user-friendly in terms of maintenance.

In its newest hammer mill, Dinnissen has improved the inflow of ingredients by integrating rock traps and magnets into the design. This innovative feature prevents damage to the screens from iron particles or hard objects. In the new Hamex Hammer Mill, the screen holder is also fitted with an extra-wide screen opening that opens automatically, making it easier to carry out maintenance and/or replace worn-out screens and further minimizing downtime.

Finally, Dinnissen further improved the design of the screen holder, thereby eliminating the loss of product to other parts of the production process. The end result is that damage is prevented to the screen panels and waste is minimized.

More information
During the Victam in Cologne, Dinnissen is introducing its newest Hamex Hammer Mill fitted with a semiautomatic screen changer. For more information, please visit stand B 031 of Dinnissen Process Technology during the Victam in Cologne


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