Andritz Feed and Biofuel A/S

Glentevej 5-7,Esbjerg O,6705,

Tel: +45 72 160 300
Fax: +45 72 160 300

Company Profile

ANDRITZ designs and builds key process machines as well as complete feed plant solutions for the global feed and livestock industries.

When designing new technologies or customer specific plant solutions, ANDRITZ has to take account of the demand for reliable processing, cost efficiency, uniform quality, and high-performance livestock feed, considering the shifting availability of feed ingredients, the increasing number of environmental standards and hygiene regulations, and the requirement for traceability in the interests of food safety.

Extensive knowledge and experience from having supplied livestock feed producers with technology and technical services since the 1960s are among the things that make ANDRITZ unique. ANDRITZ is one of very few companies with the ability to design, manufacture, supply, and optimize each and every key processing machine in the livestock feed production line, as well ....

Company Profile

Products & services:
Bulk Bins & Silos
Flow Meters
Level & Volume Indicators
Micro-ingredients Bins
Tanks (Storage)
Cleaning Equipment
Dust Filtration Equipment

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