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Hammer Beaters

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Product Description

» The hammer is made of special steel alloy,through machining, heat treatment and surface-hardening to meat requirements of different customer.

» The hammer is the most important parts of hammermill and it is also the easiest wearing out part. The shape,size,arrangement and producing quality have a large impact on the grinding efficiency and finished product quality.

» Rectangular plate hammer is among the most wide use, because of simple apperance, easy production and nice commonality.

» Welding deposited tungsten carbide or welding one special antifriction alloy, helpful to prolong service life.

» The hammer has appropriate length, good to increase output at electricity energy while if it is too long in length,output at electricity energy reduces.


1. Material of hammer and heat treatment Now,in China, hammer materials include:low carbon steel,medium carbon steel,special casting iron,etc. heat treatment and surface-hardening(including nitrogencase hardening and surfacing tungsten carbide) can improve hammer wear-resisting property and thereby extende service life of hammer.

2. The machining accuracy of hammer Hammer is a high-speed-running component, so its machining accuracy has a great effect on the balance of rotor of hammermill. Hammer delivered from factory should be by unit.The installation of hammer also should be by unit for each day with prohibition of random exchange between units.

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