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USAID launches first state-of-the-art poultry farm in south Afghanistan

Published on 19 November, 2009, Last updated at 22:56 GMT

The US Agency for International Development (USAID), government agency providing US economic and humanitarian assistance worldwide for more than 40 years, has established the Bolan poultry farm worth $3 million in Helmand, Afghanistan, with help of Dutch contractors.

The consortium headed by Bokkers Trading, Zarant and Hatchcon were contracted for the design and realisation of this project.

The Bolan farm includes a broiler and layer parent stock farm, a professional hatchery and a feed mill. In addition, technical assistance and support is given to qualified private sector layer and broiler operators. The aim is to jump-start competition with imports from Pakistan, Iran and India by providing backward and forward linkages in the broiler and layer value chains, reported.

According to USAID, the project began in 2008 with the import of 10,000 broiler and layer parent stock. In 2009, John Torsius of Hatchcon installed complete hatchery, including 2 setters and 2 hatchers.

The agency is expecting over $1 million in sales and 450 full time jobs during the first year of operation. There is a large potential for growth in this industry as there is currently no large-scale commercial poultry industry in the south. Most eggs and chicken meat for local consumption are imported from India, Pakistan and Iran.


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