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Blockade in place at Big Sky Farms feed mill

Published on 24 November, 2009, Last updated at 22:32 GMT

Dozens of Saskatchewan farmers on Tuesday have blocked the entrance to the Rama Feed Mill owned by Big Sky Farms Inc.

More than 50 producers who say they’re owed money by Big Sky Farms Inc. successfully blockaded the feed mill at the company’s operation in Rama, the group’s organizer said Tuesday morning.

Preeceville-area farmer Rob Carlson said as of mid-morning no one could get in or out of the feed mill. Up to 75 farmers upset with the company and the provincial government — which has a 62-per-cent stake in Big Sky — are expected at the site located 300 kilometres east of Saskatoon by the end of the day.

Carlson said the blockade is not intended to starve the pigs, explaining the company can get feed from a nearby location, but to inconvenience the province’s largest hog producer and drive their point home to the Saskatchewan government.

“We do not believe we are going to get any assistance from the Sask. Party and we believe (Big Sky owes) so much money that we’re going to see cents on the dollar by the time its said and done,” Carlson said in an earlier interview.

The organizer said Tuesday the group has yet to hear from Big Sky about the blockade. The producers, he added, have also not heard from the three cabinet ministers and MLA’s for the area — Bob Bjornerud, June Draude and Ken Krawetz — who were invited to the event to discuss the Big Sky case.

On Nov. 10, Big Sky filed for protection under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act.

The company’s list of creditors shows Big Sky owes nearly $96 million to a range of companies and people including farmers, banks, trucking firms and utility issues.


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