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John A. VanDenBosch feed mill grows despite recession

Published on 5 November, 2009, Last updated at 22:30 GMT

While other companies struggle during the recession, the John A. VanDenBosch Co. in Holland continues to grow with new equipment, climbing sales and plans to hire at least one new employee this year.

"It's been phenomenal," Dave VanDenBosch, company president, says in describing the firm's rising sales of wild bird feed, big game feed and pet food products. Over the past several years, sales have grown annually between 5 to 10 percent, hitting $24 million this year, he says.

"It's been a good industry to be in because it's somewhat recession proof," VanDenBosch says. "We anticipate continued growth."

Ironically, the company was established when the country was facing another economic downtown: the Depression. In 1932, it opened its doors to sell scratch feed for chickens and later expanded its product line. It's now run by third-generation family members.

The company now boasts new processing equipment in its Zeeland facility that was erected after a 2002 fire. The equipment blends and bags birdseed, grass seed and other animal feed. Three employees work there.

In addition to that, the company's corporate office and a large distribution center are located in Holland where 37 others are employed. Most goods are sold to retailers in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Illinois, he says.

Next year VanDenBosch hopes to build an addition to increase warehousing space.


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