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PAVA animal feed garners praise from regional farm businesses

Published on 23 November, 2009, Last updated at 22:52 GMT

Altay grain processor supplies animal feed to farms of the Ural region, receives positive feedback on efficiency growth

Several months ago, Altay grain processor PAVA started to ship bulk flour and cattle feed to farms of the Ural region. According to sales specialists of PAVA, the company has received very favourable response from livestock producers for excellent performance of animal nutrition products.

The reports say that PAVA feed mixes supply complex nutritional programme and help sustain good energy balance.

Farmers noted improvement of cattle’s appetite and tangible results in weight gain. It is expected that developing efficient feeding practices will support profitability of cattle-breeding business.

The feed shipped to Ural producers is manufactured by Rebrikha mill (the Altay Territory) and represents a perfect source of protein, also being a viable choice compared to feed grain. The composition of the product is based on a variety of cereals, and it is available in granular formulation. Flexible approach allows to customize the mix according to individual preferences.

PAVA ranks among the leading agri-processing companies in Russia, which operates through three production branches and relies on independent crop growing. It has over 10 years experience in providing agricultural industry and customers with products that possess high level of quality and safety.


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