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JBS opens new feed mill in Goiás

Published on 15 May, 2014, Last updated at 22:01 GMT
JBS opens new feed mill in Goiás

JBS ushered in Arowana, Goiás, a new feed mill in the country. According to the company report, released on the morning of Tuesday, the unit is installed in containment company in Goias municipality and has the capacity to produce 100 tons of feed per hour.

Fully automated, the plant will ensure greater feed conversion efficiency, since the animals will eat exactly the nutrients determined by nutritional confinement.

"The technology used in the plant is from the USA and makes the information exchange that JBS remains between the American and Brazilian operations process," says Fernando Grasshopper, director of JBS feedlots in Brazil.

The confinement of JBS in static Arowana has capacity for 42 thousand animals. The company's expectation is abut 70 000 animals in the unit, in two shifts, throughout this year and using grass silage, corn, soybean meal, cottonseed meal and mineral core as the main ingredients of the diet.

In the unit, the JBS informs that replaced all the trucks used in the distribution of the feed troughs. "The company opted for lighter vehicles, with lower cost and guaranteeing a lower fuel consumption and hence lower emissions without changing the volume of food distributed daily to the animals," the statement said.

The company said the change represented a monthly savings in diesel consumption of about 750 litres per truck. That means, only with fleet renewal, the company stopped emitting 1.9 tonnes of carbon equivalent per truck every month dioxide.


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