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Construction finished on Seaboard Foods Holyoke feed mill

Published on 30 May, 2013, Last updated at 03:14 GMT
Construction finished on Seaboard Foods Holyoke feed mill

Construction has finished on Seaboard Foods new feed mill. The plant located in Phillips County, Colorado has a production capacity of 260,000 tonnes per annum.

The feed plant will produce feed for the Colorado-based live operations of the Seaboard Foods integrated system, and will replace two feed mills located in Yuma and Sedgwick Counties, Colorado.

The state-of the-art feed manufacturing plant features the latest energy-saving and dust-collection technology for feed mills.

Iowa company Todd & Sargent, was the general contractor for this project.

Features at the Seaboard feed mill include:
- Receiving System: One truck receiving line rated at 250 TPH/12,500 CFH.

- Ingredient Storage Bins: 18 ingredient bins to twin shaft mixer - 1,900 tons; 2 pellet mill surge bins - 270 tons; 12 bulk loadout bins - 1,232 tons

- Whole Grain Storage: 150,000 bushel capacity

- Grinding Systems: One 40 TPH line and one 20 TPH grinding system.

- Batching: 80 TPH capacity. One 5-ton twin shaft mixer and one 20 bin micro ingredient system.

- Pelleting: 40 TPH capacity. One pellet mill with a 500 HP motor and counterflow cooler.

The direct-drive pellet mill from Buhler features no gear box. With no gear reduction there is estimated 20% energy saving. Seaboard Foods were the first to purchase the specific Buhler pellet mill model, and there are only a few more in use in the country.

- Pelleting system located in a slipformed building attached to mill.

- Support Systems: Complete electrical installation, plant automation, and mechanical installation.


Key subcontractors and suppliers for this project includes Buhler pelleting equipment, Interstates Electric, Knutson Brothers Mechanical, Beta Raven Control Systems, and Buresh Building Systems.

Before the completition of this plant, Seaboard Foods operated 6 feed mills in the country.


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