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Aquaculture projects in Belgorod to recieve state aid

Published on 12 November, 2013, Last updated at 08:57 GMT
Aquaculture projects in Belgorod to recieve state aid

Aquaculture projects in Belgorod region will receive state aid, as the federal government seeks to develop the aquaculture industry in the area.

At the last board meeting in Belgorod, Russian minister of agriculture Nikolay Vasilyevich Fyodorov said, that in 2015 Russia a new federal program will take effect, the preparation of which has already begun.

"We are going to establish further incentives for business", said the minister. Fyodorov commenting that it was inconvenient and even embarrassing, as a marine power, that the country's fish and seafood was coming from the water resources of other countries.

Meanwhile, the development of fish farms in the Belgorod region has been classed as high priority.
Land allocation, tax breaks and government loans will help companies in the industry to develop.

There are plans to start the commercial production of valuable species of fish such as trout, sturgeon and caviar, in the region. By 2018, there expect more than 3.6 million tonnes of trout, 650 tonnes of sturgeon, and 36 tonnes of caviar.

Some barriers that are currently holding fish farmersin the region back from development include non-local feed supplies, high energy prices and a lack of technology.

Part of the discussions held, noted the importance of creating specialised feed mills close to the aquaculture farming areas.

At the moment farmers are buying fish feed from Moscow, and a local feed mill would help reduce costs from logistics. If the local aquaculture industry is developed then demand would be strong to build a feed mill.


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