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New pelleting feed plant to use scrap cookies

Published on 17 June, 2013, Last updated at 03:32 GMT
New pelleting feed plant to use scrap cookies

The National Industrial Technology Institute (NITI) is building a pelleting feed plant utilising waste food to produce animal feed, especially cattle feed, for the Municipality of Albardón.

The pelleting plant located in Albardón, San Juan province, will use food scraps from a local cookie factory as the main raw material in the pellet feed that it produces. It is scheduled to open in November of this year.

Work is currently ongoing in the construction of the pelletizing plant, which is being built with an investment of approximately ARS 3 million pesos (USD$560,000). Almost all of the funding for the project

It is estimated that the pelleting plant will be ready in November. INTI is responsible for the design and assembly of the machine, and the plant is design to produce at 2 t/h.

In a visit to San Juan by Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Argentina Norberto Yauhar, the official reiterated the partnership between the Municipality and the NITI.

To begin with the pellet feed plant will produce dry dog feed and compound feed for livestock. The aim is to sell feed to local producers, and in turn increase meat production in the municipality by lowering feed prices.

They also are aiming in the future to possibly sell packaged pet foods in supermakrts and to other businesses. This would be the next step once the pelleting plant is operational, by upgrading the line to allow for coated balanced feeds that can be sold on the shelves. The industrialization process is necessary to hit the market, as it is a requirement to existing health standards.


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