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Siberia's largest egg producer announce modernisation plans

Published on 9 October, 2013, Last updated at 00:00 GMT
Siberia's largest egg producer announce modernisation plans

The leading producer of egg products in Siberia, and one of the largest in Russia and Europe, "Bohr" Poultry Tyumen have announed plans to modernize its production facilities.

Before 2018 the company hopes to refurbish and expand production. According to preliminary calculations the upgrade will cost the company 8 billion rubles (USD$250 million).

Director general of the society, Eugene Nesvat, said "after some adjustments and improvements, the proposal will be submitted for approval to the department of agriculture - Tyumen province, and after that we will start searching for investors."

Eugene Nesvat said that the program provides for the development of production, the construction of new plants, the acquisition of new cellular equipment, sorting machines, improved engineering, as well as the modernisation of its subsidiaries, which provides for replacement of equipment, and construction of another plant for the production of feed.

The Company's subsidiaries provide a poultry farm with everything you need, and so they need to update as well as modernize the poultry farm. Six grain-producing farms, grain elevator and feed mill, operating as "Bikor" within the structure of the company, will provide poultry feed for their operations.

"Implementation of the reconstruction of the company will reault in the increase of poultry up to 5.5 million head, and gross production of eggs up to 1.3 billion per year."

Eugene Nesvat, continued to say that the moderization plans will increase total production of feed grains for their own use poultry up to 120 thousand tonnes of grain storage capacity at the grain elevators , and feed production up to 240 thousand tonnes per year.


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