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Denkavit acquires Vreugdenhil's feed operations

Published on 8 January, 2014, Last updated at 08:54 GMT
Denkavit acquires Vreugdenhil's feed operations

Denkavit and Vreugdenhil Group have found an agreement in Denkavit acquiring the young animal nutricion activity from Vreugdenhil (the Vreugdenhil Feed Division). With this acquisition Denkavit enlarges her position in the international market of young animal nutrition, which is in line with her ambition to strengthen further the current leading position in this market.

For Vreugdenhil this transaction is the outcome of her strategic decision to focus fully on her growing food activities. Vreugdenhil found in Denkavit a partner who can guarantee continuity for all stakeholders and who will take care of Vreugdenhil’s relations of many years standing. The intention of both companies is still submitted to a positive advice of the works council of Vreugdenhil.

The activities will be continued under the name V-Milk BV, as a 100% subsidiary of the Denkavit Group. Henk Sonderen, the current manager of young animal nutrition activities at Vreugdenhil, will be the new business unit manager at Denkavit and will guarantee the continuity of the current business strategy. He has the ambition to grow the V-Milk activity using Denkavit’s focus on young animal nutrition.

Denkavit is an independent company specialized for many decades in quality feeds for young animals and Feed Ingredients. The company has taken a leading position in this field. Denkavit’s activities are based on long lasting partnerships, reliability, know how, research and innovation. With an annual turnover of € 550 million Denkavit is active worldwide with Europe as its home market.

The Vreugdenhil Group is an independent producer of quality milk powders and dairy ingredients. The activities include the entire chain of production, from cow to customer. The young animal nutrition activity is a financially healthy and profitable part of Vreugdenhil Group.


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