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Betagro readies for the contruction of its 18,000t per annum feed mill in Cambodia

Published on 10 April, 2013, Last updated at 13:01 GMT
Betagro readies for the contruction of its 18,000t per annum feed mill in Cambodia

Betagro (Cambodia) readies for the construction of its new feed mill in Phnom Penh SEZ. The feed mill is to be constructed in the capital's Special Economic Zone, located 12km from the city center.

The company is investing USD$17.2 million in the new project.

Senior vice president of Betagro’s regional and feed business, Narongchai Srisantisaeng, said that when completed the feed mill will have a production capacity of 18,000 tonnes per annum. Over the next few years it is expected that the production capacity of te plant will rise to 24,000 tonnes per annum.

The plant construction will start in May, and is expected to be ready for coBetmpletion sometime in 2014. The feed mill will supply Betagro's swine operation in the country,as well as the country's livestock industry.

The new feed plant will facilitate transportation and help to reduce the company's transportation cost. This in turn will add price competitiveness to the company’s products and improve service quality to their customers.

The company is also conducting feasibility tests on the opening of a processing plant and Betagro Shop in the country. Betagro first entered Cambodia through with a sale office in 2008. Betagro (Cambodia) currently imports 3,600 tonnes of animal feed per month from Thailand to sell in Cambodia.

The market demand for livestock feed in Cambodia is estimated at 100,000 tonnes a month. Of this CP currently supply 42% including feed from its 5,000 tonnes a month feed mill at Kandal.

Other competitors in Cambodia include Vietnam’s Green Feed who supply 6,000 tonnes of feed a month from Kampong Cham, along with Chinese group New Hope and Korea’s SCF, who each supply around 2,000 tonnes. Cambodia’s Master Feed supplies about 4,000 tonnes of feed a month, BVB 3,000 tonnes and M’s Pig 900 tonnes.

China's East Hope Group is also currently building a feed mill in the country. Feed is currently being imported from Vietnam by De Heus, Proconco, and Cargill into the country.


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