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Cameya-alpha announce new turkey farm

Published on 9 April, 2013, Last updated at 12:13 GMT
Cameya-alpha announce new turkey farm

St. Petersburg company "Cameya-alpha" has announced plans for an investment project in the Novgorod region, for the construction of a large poultry farm for the cultivation and processing of turkey meat.

For the purpose of the new business, Cameya-alpha will register a subsidiary named Rosekoptitsa.

The poultry complex will be created in two steps, with a specialized Israeli company, with expertise in construction and turnkey projects, being chosen for the project

The complex will consist of eight industrial buildings, including a slaughter house and feed mill.

The first phase of the investment will require an budget of two billion rubles (USD$64 million), this phase will allow the growth of 10 tonnes of turkey meat per year.

The second phase will raise the volume of production and processing up to 30 tonnes.

The total cost of the project is planned to be approximately 5 billion rubles (USD$160 million), of which 20% will be self funded by Cameo-Alpha, and the remaining 80% will be by means of long-term credit.


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