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Wayne Farms opens new state-of-the-art feed mill

Published on 13 January, 2017, Last updated at 20:16 GMT
Wayne Farms opens new state-of-the-art feed mill

The Wayne Farms feed mill plant held its official grand opening ceremony in Dale County on Tuesday morning.

The feed mill features the latest state-of-the-art robotic technology and feed milling equipment. The feed plant is expected to serve hundreds of poultry farmers in the area.

The feed mill is on of the largest in the country and taking close to a year and a half to construct. The feed mill has a capacity of approximately 25,000 tonnes of feed a week.

COO of Wayne Farma, Clint Rivers, made the following comment regarding the opening of the new feed mill: "I'm very excited about it. This mill is really a final step for us to complete our growth here in southeast Alabama, we expanded our Dothan operation, doubling the size of that plant, so the feed mill was necessary to provide the feed for all the birds that will be processing at all three of our complexes."

Execs say the addition of this feedmill is not only a huge economic boost for the county and state, but for the whole poultry industry.

"It's just a ripple effect of other jobs and effects on our economy from the use of gas to electricity, to the workers who are here to repair these, to me, it's a major economic boost for Dale County," said Dale County Chairman, Mark Blankenship.

The new mill will see 88 new jobs formed, with the company still looking for suitable applicants for remaining positions.


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