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The Commercial Agriculture Development Project (CADP), setup to improve help improve agriculture production in Nigeria, has spent $7 million USD of it's $26.3 million USD World Bank Loan to build... More »
Nairobi, Kenya -- High cost of feeds, rising market taxation rates by local authorities and influx of brokers are conspiring to kill the poultry sector. The situation has not been helped... More »
Namibia, compared to other countries, is among the driest countries in the world, but yet holds massive potential for the development of aquaculture. The Government of Namibia, under the... More »
Algerian agribusiness company "Industrial group Semoulerie Industrielle de la Mitidja" (SIM) has signed an agreement with French agri-food and animal nutrition company "Glon... More »
Etunda makes feed from waste

08 Feb 2011,  20:28 GMT
Namibia -- By-products from the Etunda Irrigation Scheme that were previously discarded as waste, will now go towards the production of livestock feed, where there is currently a large demand for... More »
South Africa -- International feed producers De Heus have announced the acquisition of South African company Tuinroete Agri’s animal feed operations. The acquisition which includes the... More »
Swaziland -- One of Swaziland’s animal feed outlets has reported that it sells 300 tonnes of broiler mash per week. Manager at Arrowfeeds, K. Meyer said the company manufactured and supplied a... More »
Uganda -- The increased price for poultry feeds is creating fear among farmers as many cannot stand the current competition for the final products. This has resulted from increased price... More »
Kenya -- A looming shortage of milk stares the country in the eye. The North Rift region, which produces 80 per cent of the country’s milk for sale, has registered a 40 per cent drop in... More »
Nigeria - At the recently held National Council on Agriculture meeting held in Katsina state, it was reveled that inventory of inland aquatic resources of Nigeria conducted by the National Special... More »
National Foods Ltd. of Zimbabwe will next month put its animal-feeds mill in Bulawayo on "care and maintenance" because it can't source the necessary ingredients, the Chronicle reported, citing a... More »
Kenya - The high cost of inputs and unavailability of stock are hurting poultry farming in Kenya. Production cost doubled in the last one year despite Kenyans’ adoption of healthy... More »
The Zimbabwe Poultry Association has said production of day-old chicks is expected to increase in the coming weeks. This comes after a ban on imported chickens increased demand for chicks.... More »
Broiler and animal feed producer Astral Foods said on Monday it has targeted more growth opportunities in Africa. Among other countries, Astral has identified Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana... More »
Nigeria - The government in Kebbi (north-western Nigeria) has purchased animal feeds worth 45NGN million (approximately $300,000 USD) for distribution to pastoralists at subsidised prices. Senior... More »

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