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Muyang prepares for the opening ceremony of its new production facility

Published on 16 April, 2013, Last updated at 15:21 GMT
Muyang prepares for the opening ceremony of its new production facility

Muyang Group's new state of the art feed machinery manufacturing base will officially put into operation following the grand opening ceremony scheduled to be held on the 18th of April.

Construction of the new plant is completed, and it is currently under a trial production stage prior to its opening.

Muyang’s own Steel Structure Building Unit started construction on the new plant in April 2012, on a 33.3ha plot of land close to its current headquarters and production plant. Remaining land on the site will be used in later progressive development projects.

Most of the main project was completed by the end of 2012, with just internal and external decorations, and equipment debugging needing finishing.

The new factory produces mainly animal feed machinery and equipment. This year, the Group's sales are expected to reach more than 6 billion yuan, of which 2/3 of the sales are expected to be produced at the new plant. The company estimates that production capacity will reach 8-10 billion yuan.

The production facilities are equipped with the most advanced equipment and technologies available. And it is hoped that it will help the company to reduce costs, increase manufacturing accuracy, and shorten time for delivery by standardizing production flow and synchronizing all services from customer order intake to delivery.

The new feed machinery production plant makes much greater used of automated production lines. Vice president of Muyang Wang explained to that they had implemented automation throughout their assembly line production, from delivering raw materials into the workshop, through to production, to finishing, to spraying, and finally to assembly and delivery. Each process has a person responsible, and the sections will have varying degrees of machines involved.

On's to the factory two welding robots were seen in the welding area of the workshop. Wang explained the need for welding, and that manual welding required not only a large number of workers, but they also needed to be technically proficient. With the new robots used, not only is there a decrease in the number of personnel necessary but they are able to achieve a higher precision, improving the quality of their product.


The manufacturing plant also contains an futuristic exhibition hall, similiar in design to the Shanghai World Expo Pavilion. The exhibition hall provides an insight into the history and development of the Chinese feed machinery manufacturer and their products. As you progress through a year by year timeline of the company, you finally reach the hall showing Muyang's latest research results, followed by the future hall (pictured above) which utilises a photoelectric show to project images of the future.

Muyang will celebrate the opening of their new feed machinery manufacturing base on April 18. The company has invited customers, partners, suppliers and friends from the industry, community and media to visit the new site and to celebrate the festive event together with Muyang employees on April 18.

Muyang's video of the new feed machinery production facility can be watched in the below video:


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