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Muyang introduces five newly developed products for the feed industry

Published on 1 January, 2014, Last updated at 15:58 GMT
Muyang introduces five newly developed products for the feed industry

Muyang successfully introduced five new feed machinery products at a recently held meeting. The meeting chaired by Yangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau was held at Muyang park III, where Muyang introduced the products to the attendees.

In the company's ongoing drive for innovation and finding products to meet the needs of feed manufacturers, Muyang developed the new products for the feed processing industry. The products will now go into production

Invited to the conference were Jiangnan University Vice-Chancellor Jin Zhengyu, Professor Li Junguo from the Feed Research Institute at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Sun Yu from Nanjing University, as well as domestic industry renowned experts and scholars of the appraisal committee.

The appraisal meeting was a deemed a success with the following five products introduced at the meeting: a pellet mill automation control system; a 600,000 tonnes per annum complete feed processing equipment system; the SLHSJ16 twin shaft paddle mixer; the SWFL130F vertical pulveriser; and the YRB90 palletizing robot.
The product technology was said to have reached the advanced international level of similar products.

The SWFL130F vertical pulveriser will optimise the the grinding of aquafeeds, improving the efficiency of ultrafine grinding. The pulveriser will help domestic and foreign professionals fill the gaps in extruded fish feed grinding technologies and applications.

The SLHSJ16 twin shaft paddle mixer will become Muyang's largest mixer of this type. The current largest capacity is the SLHSJ12 which has a volume of 12m3, the new SLHSJ16 will have a volume of 16m3 and a capacity of 8,000kg per batch. Homogeneity is high with short mixing times, making it ideal for large-scale feed processing applications.

The pellet mill automation control system greatly reduces the labor intensity and skill requirements of operating the pellet mill. It also provides the benefits of saving energy and enhancing productivity.

The MYRB90 palletizing robot provides fast and simple automated packaging solutions with low energy consumption.

The layout for the 600,000 tonnes per annum complete set of feed equipment, will allow Muyang to implement the large-scale project of this size. Focusing on standardization and automation, and in the next few years the development direction of the whole feed processing industry.

Muyang's feed machinery manufacturing facilities

All the above products that were introduced at the meeting, were internally developed by Muyang, who hold all IP rights for the products.
The meeting identified the strong support of the local government with
Yangzhou Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission deputy director, Zhao W Ann and other leaders attending the meeting and giving a high evaluation.

Leading experts stated that Muyang had achieved ​​considerable progress in recent years, and encouraged Muyang to continue to increase scientific and technological innovation. The company was hailed for its efforts in strengthen exchanges with industry experts and enterprises, and in the promotion and progress of China's feed machinery and equipment industry.


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