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FMS launches advisory services for feed mills

Published on 12 November, 2014, Last updated at 07:30 GMT
FMS launches advisory services for feed mills

FMS launches advisory services for feed mills looking to improve efficiency and margins.

Cargill’s Feed Management Systems (FMS) today introduced Pennent® Advisory Services,a new consulting capability that delivers customised, hands-on advice and solutions to feed mills seeking higher efficiency and profits.

With Pennent® Advisory Services, a feed producer has in-person access to experts in feed milling manufacturing and operations who work collaboratively with them to enhance their performance. Together, FMS and the customer identify problems and develop solutions to a range of challenges including shrink/inventory control; labor and energy efficiency; maintenance and repair; product quality training and capital expenditures. The goal is better margins through operational efficiencies and best practices.

“The feed industry is undergoing significant changes which put pressure on a feed manufacturer’s margins and customer relationships. We believe that feed manufacturers will benefit from expert advice and solutions that are customised to their specific challenges,” explained Brad Guyer, FMS Global Portfolio Manager at Cargill. “We fully understand the need for actionable solutions that deliver measurable results and that is a big part of our approach with Pennent® Advisory Services,” he added.

According to FMS, Pennent® Advisory Services was previewed for a group of its customers in mid-October who provided input and validated the need for a service like this. Many, according to Guyer, have already signed up.



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