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Dutch group Denkavit opens new EUR20m feed plant

Published on 19 June, 2014, Last updated at 13:10 GMT
Dutch group Denkavit opens new EUR20m feed plant

Dutch group Denkavit has invested EUR20 million in a new feed mill in Montreuil-Bellay, designed to produce 150,000 tons of feed for young livestock.

Denkavit is a major player in the veal market in France and is the number two veal producer in both France and Europe, behind another Dutchman, Van Drie Group and before the French Serval and Celtilait.

The new feed mill will integrate its production, with feed being produced for its own livestock, in turn reducing operating costs for the company.

"Denkavit France wrote a new page in its history," said its CEO, Gerrit Kleinhout, ushering in the new plant.

Peaking at 37m in height, it is contiguous to the plant milk food for calves, automated and modernised. It is designed to produce up to 150,000 tonnes of meal or pellets for piglets or calves. These foods are composed of energy sources for the animal (barley, corn, etc) cereals, protein protein sources (soybean, lupine, etc). They are enriched with a cocktail of trace elements and vitamins.

The new plant cost 20 million euros. Five to seven jobs will be created. New investments are planned to modernise and transform analysis laboratory experimental barn into a great centre of research and development.

Antibiotics are prohibited in feed composition. "Group no longer produces one kilo of medicated feed. Our factory is to be sustainable and it must adapt public policies to reduce antibiotics in livestock. We spend antibiotics, we select high quality raw materials, we incorporate fibres to regulate bowel movements and we ensure compliance with good farming conditions , " says Julien Fily, head of the pig market. If a calf or a pig falls ill, he will receive an individual antibiotic treatment without going through the diet.

In the wake of milk, whey powder (or whey), the main ingredient in dairy foods, flambe. The cost of veal production increases. Its impact on the selling price in store may bring down consumption. Denkavit researchers have concocted a new diet: less food and more milk-based food grain during the 24 weeks of fattening. The role of the new plant is to manufacture the cereal food without deteriorating the quality of the meat that should remain white.


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