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Clextral launches Preconditioner+

Published on 1 July, 2014, Last updated at 00:01 GMT
Clextral launches Preconditioner+

Clextral recently launched its new preconditioner+. The preconditioner which has been designed in Clextral R&D centers and integrates key innovations that provide tangible production benefits.

The key innovation is the Advanced Filling Control device (AFC). It consists in an exclusive screw ideally positioned in the tank. The AFC enables process flexibility. It controls the filling ratio and the transfer speed in order to increase the residence time according to the recipes (increase of at least 50% depending on the application). A higher residence time intensifies the pre-treatment of the raw material (pre-heat, pre-moist, pre-gelatinization).

Improved heat transfer to the product with the combined action of the filling and steam distribution. You can raise the food product temperature to over 96°C (205°F) with optimized steam injection.

The device simplifies cleaning operations as it allows you to empty the tank completely in a very short time. This feature is particularly useful for quick recipe changeovers.
The new kinematic feature is adapted to simplify maintenance operations and allows the system to start up with a full tank, even after prolonged down time.

Improved hygienic design that facilitates cleaning for food and feed processing applications.

This AFC system uses a special designed screw inside the tank, and favorably modifies the flow by enabling a partial and controlled recycling of the material being processed, from the outlet to the entry point, thus intensifying the specific preconditioning functions.

Clextral's Preconditioner+ continuously ensures a homogeneous mix of raw materials with two horizontal intermeshing counter-rotating shafts, fitted with adjustable paddles designed to process the product flow in an optimal way.


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