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Bereza feed mill look to expand

Published on 25 November, 2013, Last updated at 00:28 GMT
Bereza feed mill look to expand

Belarusian feed manufacturers Bereza Feed Mill have seen strong growth as the company started to supply their products to the throughout the European Union. Over the past 10 months the company had produced and exported 6,520 tonnes of rapeseed oil, exporting to Germany, Denmark, Lithuania and the Czech Republic.

With the increased revenues from export sales (estimated to be more than $1.5 million), the company is now looking to carry out the modernization required for the feed production of feeds for pig, cattle and fish.

In the nearest future, the company look to set up a new pelleting feed plant with the capacity of 20 tonnes per hour. The search is currently on for investors to further upgrade existing facilities and to significantly increase production capacity.


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