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Vasudhara Dairy includes feed production expansion inside future plans

Published on 24 May, 2012, Last updated at 11:35 GMT

Vasudhara Dairy, from Valsad, have revealed a futuristic plan for the future entitled 'Journey 2015' - a visual plan to increase its milk processing ability and in-turn it's yearly turnover. Together with this, the milk union, a member of the Gujarat Co-op Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), will also raise its supply to Mumbai by 2 Lakh litres a day, from 3 lakh litres (LLPD) up to five LLPD.

The dairy who conducts it's operations in the tribal belt of Gujarat with over 50 pct representation by Women (the highest percentage in the state), are set to be boosting milk production capacities of it's Alipur production line in Navsari and Nagpur production line in Maharashtra with a Rs 30 crore investment.

In addition to this, the milk union is planning on setting up a fully automatic cattle feed mill near Chikhli, at Khergam, which is set to have a production capacity of 300 MT per day with the ability to grow to 500 MT a day with an additional investment of Rs 40 crore.

Vasudhara Dairy currently runs 5 units, including the main Alipur production line, that has production capacity to manufacture 3 LLPD milk, the dairy production line in Boisar with production capacity to manufacture 4 LLPD, the ice cream production line in Boisar with 60,000 LPD ice-cream production capacity, the ice cream production line in Nagpur with 1 LLPD milk and 20,000 LPD ice cream and the Motapondha chilling-packaging station close to Vapi that has 1 LLPD milk chilling and packaging output.

"By 2015, we expect to receive average five LLPD milk from our own society with the total milk processing capacity to reach 11 LLPD to meet the demand of liquid milk envisaged by GCMMF. With this, we expect our financial turnover to touch Rs 1,400 crore from present Rs 935 crore," Mogha Desai, Vasudhara Dairy's chairman said.

He followed by stating, "We will be expanding our Alipur plant's capacity to five LLPD and Nagpur plant's capacity to two LLPD," adding that following the dairy set up its production lines in Nagpur and Boisar in Maharashtra in 2002 and 2006 the dairy counts for 3 LLPD milk supply in Mumbai and 1.15 LLPD milk supply in Nagpur and Raipur.

Interestingly, the union, which covers three districts - Valsad, Navsari and Dangs under its milk shed area, was the 1st amongst all the co-op dairies of Gujarat to embark in ice cream line of work under Amul brand in 1997 when it bought up an ice cream production line in Boisar and moved from Gujarat to Maharashtra for business.

"Since last three years, we are the highest contributor for ice cream to GCMMF as we contribute an average 35 to 40 percent of the total ice cream demand of GCMMF," Valsad Dairy's managing director Narendra Vashi stated.


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