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San Miguel prepares to add to its 41 feed mills

Published on 23 March, 2012, Last updated at 19:24 GMT
San Miguel prepares to add to its 41 feed mills

San Miguel Foods Company Inc, Philippines' leading feed producer, held a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday at the proposed site for it's planned 15-hectare plant.
The new plant is to be located in Tagbalogo, Barangay Dayawan in Villanueva town.

The company's vice president and general manager, Norman A. Ramos, said the firm have found a niche in Villanueva and desired to offer employment opportunities and encourage development in the industrial town of the state.

Ramos stated that once the feed mill is functional by 2013, in excess of 300 employees would be employed locally, whih positions ranging from the lowest to highest positions.

He said the feed mill would also provide chances to local farmers who would have the chance to supply 11,000 MTs of maize and 5,000 MTs of cassava each month.

The feed mill is planned to have a production capacity of 60 tons per hour of feeds, which will make it San Miguels largest capacity feed mill out of its other 41 existing feed mills.


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