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Minister inspects site of new state of the art fish feed mill

Published on 7 June, 2012, Last updated at 15:30 GMT
Minister inspects site of new state of the art fish feed mill

India's most advanced fish feed mill will soon be up and running, Mr. Ajaz Ahmed Khan, the Minister for State Fisheries announced following an inspection of the site of the feed mill today. The sophisticated feed mill is located at Manasbal, near Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir.

The feed mill is to be constructed at a cost of Rs.11 Crore, with technical know-how from the manufacturer of the Netherlands, who were successful in winning the tender for this project. The feed mill is the first of its kind in India, being completely automated production process operated by computer systems with no manual intervention required and the feed mill can even be operated remotely if need be. The capacity of the feed mill is expected to be 1 t/h and it would make sure minimal feed is wasted in the production process.

Mr Khan called for the engineers to finish the remaining works on 'war footing' so that the mill is operational as soon as possible.

Along with the visit to the site of the feed mill, the Minister also visited National Fish Seed Farm (NFSF) Manasbal and took review of its operations.

Leading a review meeting, the Minister Khan urged the officers of fisheries department to maximize the targets and familiarise fish farming among masses both as a recreational activity and a money making opportunities.

It was explained to the Minister that NFSF is one of the biggest cold water fish farms in the country. The fish farm is made up of 39 fish ponds with stocking, brooding, raring and nursery units besides a Chinese hatchery.

The minister was told that the fish farm supplies seed for growing grass carp, silver carp and common carp. The fish seed production has given carp culture in the valley a boost especially in private sector. Since the beginning of this year the farm has grew 41.40 lakh seeds of which 29.59 seeds had been distributed by the end of May 2012.

Director Fisheries, Mr. Showkat Ali, Chief Project Officer, NFSF, P. P. Singh Bali and other senior officers of fisheries department travelled with the Minister during his visit to the farm and feed mill site.


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