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Plans for upgrade of Kamchatka feed mill

Published on 29 March, 2013, Last updated at 07:35 GMT
Plans for upgrade of Kamchatka feed mill

Kamchatka Governor, Vladimir Ilyukhin said additional funds would be allocated to the upgrading of the only feed mill in the Kamchatka region, in Far East Russia.

The statement was made at the board of directors meeting composed of the heads of the largest company-consumers of animal feed in the region, including poultry "Pioneer" UMP "Zarechnoye", JSC "Agrotech-holding".

For the past 10 months the financial situation at the plant has stabilized, "We used to make ends meet, but now began to work in the future. We've tested the production and significantly increased production.," said general manager Dmitry Cherednichenko. According to him, the upgrade in the feed mill would lead to an improvement in product quality, and also increased production volume.

"In addition to Pioneer, we also have a longterm partnership to supply Agrotech to produce their Ekofermy feed," said Dmitry Cherednichenko.

The Kamchatka feed mill now produces six different varieties of ekofermy feed intended for pigs of all different ages. In all, the plant produces more than 20 different kinds of feeds for poultry and livestock.

"Now we buy feed for piglets abroad. It costs 50 rubles. Our feed mill is ready to develop technology of production of feed and reduce their costs by 15-20 rubles. As for feed for pigs, it costs about 18 rubles, it is comparable to consumer prices. But keep in mind that the feed includes vitamin and mineral supplements, which have a limited shelf life. This is one reason that the quality of the imported feed is inferior to local products," said V.Rubahin. "What is important - we can control not only the cost of manufactured feed, but also their quality. This is done by the board of directors, which includes all the major manufacturers. And they have no other interest in the plant other than to produce exactly the feeds that they require, at high quality and low cost. "

"The company has introduced a special product quality control. There is vested interest in the enterprise, region, and its inhabitants. And all of them should be considered. I support the principle of collective management of such enterprises. It is more effective. A similar mechanism of control, we will introduce at the poultry farm. In the near future you need to collect a meeting with the local distribution network," said V. Ilyuhin.

According to the Minister of Agriculture of the Kamchatka Territory, Alexander Kucherenko, "Kamchatka feed mill is currently one of the most advanced in the Far East. Last year the management of the plant and poultry farm attracted to Kamchatka experts from the Institute of Poultry. By the the recommendations of scientific staff, Kamchatka could significantly improve the quality of feed."

Kucherenko, stated that the feed plant needed to be upgraded and that they were looking into it.
"Right now we are working on the selection of equipment. We need to build an additional line to unload water transport and equip a new laboratory. We have already applied to the Territory Government to assist us in the upgrading" said Dmitry Cherednichenko.

Kamchatka Governor, Vladimir Ilyukhin, said the feed mill in the near future will be able to get the marginal subsidy for modernization.

"In addition, we are currently considering additional measures of support. This plant needs Kamchatka, because it depends largely on the development of livestock and poultry in the region," said the head of the region.


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