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OSI unveils new state of the art feed mill in Shangdong

Published on 10 January, 2012, Last updated at 11:19 GMT
OSI unveils new state of the art feed mill in Shangdong

In the month just gone, OSI Group Poultry Development Co. Based in Shandong Province, China celebrated the unveiling of their brand-new state of the art feed mill. The plant is located in Rushan, Weihei, Shandong Province in Northern China.

The new facility with boasts a yearly production capacity of 600,000 tonnes, is now recognised as one of China's biggest feed mills in operation.

OSI commenced their poultry operations in 2010 in China, and are forecast to achieve a slaughtering output of 100 million birds annually before 2014, while at the same time employing more than 1,500 employees.

The celebration punctuated an end to the project that had began 14 months earlier.

"This is an end, but also a new beginning for OSI and the people of Rushan," EVP and CFO of the OSI Group based in Chicago, USA, Bill Weimer said.

General manager of OSI's Poultry Vertical Integration division in China, Stefan Chen, reiterated the importance of contained animal protein systems to see to it the country's overall biosecurity and food safety.

Chen said "We are building one of China's most modern vertically integrated poultry operations using the latest on-farm and in-plant technologies,"

"This allows us to develop a sustainable business model for the future through efficiencies of scale and best practices, along with significant bio-security and food safety measures."

OSI opened up its first processing plant in 1992, in Beijing, China. Today the company employs in excess of 3,500 people across the whole of its Chinese operations.

OSI Group is a private corporation working with greater than 50 facilities in 17 countries. In addition to China, the company's Asia-Pacific footprint includes Taiwan, Japan, India, the Philippines, and Australia.


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