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New trout feed mill nears completion in Jammu and Kashmir

Published on 17 April, 2012, Last updated at 18:51 GMT

In Northern India, Jammu and Kashmir are set to commission the latest cutting-edge Trout Fish Feed Mill by June of this year as the feed mill, imported from the Netherlands, is currently being installed.

"This is first state of art technology based Trout Fish Feed Mill, not only in Jammu and Kashmir but in the whole country. It will be fully operational by the first week of June this year in the state", Showkat Ali, Director of Jammu and Kashmir Fisheries, said.

Having shipped from the Netherlands, the trout fish feed mill has been assembled and grouted to the foundations by the suppliers and engineers. The feed mill is located in the Manasbal belt, in the fringes of Srinagar summer capital city.

"The civil work is ongoing at the site. After its completion, trial runs will be carried out before the 25th of April by the foreign experts, who will arrive here to train the people", Ali said.

The forthcoming Rs 10 crore Manasbal trout feed mill is expected to increase trout output in the state and make sure of the availability of fish feed for both the government and privately held fish farms, Ali explained.

The feed mill is set to be fitted out with the latest machinery imported from The Netherlands for which the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) has funded over 90%.

Government of India (GoI), state trading coperation had invited a global tender for the supply of the feed mill and the process was finished last year with the tender awarded to The Netherlands based firm.

"This will also give to trout farming in the Asia", the Director added, saying that it is set to go a long way in ensuring an expotential growth in frout fish farming in the Jammu and Kashmir.

Trout fish output last fiscal year reached an all time high of 195 MTs, increasing about 20 per cent over the results of 2009-10 where trout fish output was recorded at 165 MTs.

The department recorded income of Rs165 lakh from sales of trout fish and seeds. It has also furthered 122 such units during 2010-11, 93 greater than the 29 units promoted in 2009-10.

Up to 189 trout ponds & 752 carp ponds are in operation throughout the state.

Onaddition to the new trout feed mill, the state government of Jammu and Kashmir, have also put in a Rs6.80 crore plan to the Marine Products Export Development Authority of India, for funding and development of trout fisheries. The result of this application is expected to be known soon.


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