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Muyang wins "National Science and Technology Progress" award

Published on 4 March, 2014, Last updated at 15:35 GMT
Muyang wins "National Science and Technology Progress" award

On March 4, the Section Chief of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Park Lu Jinglin accompanied by Vice-President of the City Federation Dai Linyun visited Muyang. Hanjiang District Federation of party secretary Zheng-Ming Liu also accompanied the expedition.

They visited the Science and Technology showrooms and workshops, and on her way to visit, she also inquired Muyang’s development, technology and management innovation, production, etc. so that she could make a first impression on Muyang and appreciated Muyang’s achievements.

On December 2013, because of "large-scale intelligent energy-saving twin screw extrusion technology and equipment", Muyang won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award granted by China Federation of Industry.

Lu said the Director of Federation would help such enterprises in technological innovation and incentives, and she also hoped Muyang constantly developed creative, indomitable fighting spirit, innovative way and in the future it could continue to explore new heights, and promote the healthy development of the private economy to make new and greater contributions.


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