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Zhengchang: Professional manufacture of feed production in high-yielding "mother ship"

Published on 3 November, 2009, Last updated at 07:54 GMT

Is known as the modern equipment manufacturing industry's "mother ship" is for the national economy and various industries to provide technical equipment, strategic industry, industrial upgrading in various economic sectors, technological progress and overall strength of an important guarantee for the concentrated expression. China's feed machinery manufacturing industry as a modern feed industry's "mother ship" for the development of China's feed industry, provides a first-class technical equipment, to promote the health of China's feed industry, sustainable and stable development. In 1978, China built its first feed mill, which marks the beginning of China's feed industry, when the country with mixed fodder production to 300 million tons. According to incomplete statistics, in 2008 China's feed processing enterprises is about 16000, annual output of 130 million tons. Short period of 30 years, ushered in the rapid development of China's feed industry, which is inseparable from China Feed Machinery this "mother ship" and "close hand in hand."

From grain and oil machinery to feed machine

Speaking of feed machinery industry, had brought the industry's "Big Brother" - Jiangsu Zhengchang Group. Dunwell, formerly known as 1918 Zhenchang oil Rice Mill; 1956, Zhenchang oil Rice Mill into a joint public-private partnerships Li River oil Rice Mill, is still processing the oil processing equipment, mainly rice and crushed; 1969, Li River Union Oil m plant has been transformed into the production of oil press, etc. mainly state-owned grain and oil machinery Liyang 粮油机械厂; in 1975 the first Chinese-made 45-type granulating machine on the market, from grain and oil machinery into a feed machinery production. It has now developed into a professional production of feed Zhengchang machinery and complete turnkey projects to undertake the main set of feed grain and oil machinery, agriculture and animal husbandry feed, complete engineering, electronic control equipment, steel silo engineering, oil chemical industry, environmental engineering, production and sales and investment in in one state-level key high-tech enterprises.

The company has 16 domestic and foreign economic entities and more than 30 service organizations, products sold in more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide, the current group sales of 1.5 billion yuan has been formed economies of scale, in which pellet mill products and other key host the domestic market share of up to 65%, and Dunwell is now more than 5,000 worldwide pellet mill customers, more than 7000 sets of various professional pellet mill, 10-15% higher than the peer is known of the capacity market. Dunwell Group has contracted to feed the world works from 2 tons / hour to 200 tons / hour of feed complete projects more than 2200 seats, including the construction of projects in Thailand Chia Tai more than 20 blocks, China's largest feed Group - Hope Group, more than 100 Block, South Korea's CJ, Codd Group, and other well-known enterprises such as customers in Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa, more than 80 countries and regions.

From 300 million tons and 130 million tons

In 1975 or so, the domestic feed grain production began to appear, but then most of the feed mill produces powder feed; 1978 China built its first feed mill, which marks the beginning of China's feed industry, when the country with mixed fodder production 3 million tons. According to incomplete statistics, in 2008 China's feed processing enterprises is about 16000, annual output of 130 million tons.

The late 80s to early 90s, accompanied by the rapid development of feed production, feed machinery production enterprise has been the rise. In 1985, with the pellet feed machine in the popularity of the domestic market, easy to breeding animals, feeding, nutrition and high utilization of the pellet to become the main aquaculture feed. After 90 years, the domestic feed varieties began to diversify from the early development of a single mixed feed to the mixed feed, feed, pre-mixed feed and feed concentrates and other products. Is more conducive to breeding animals to nutrient digestion and absorption of the extruded material also began to enter the market around 1995, fisheries in coastal areas expected to become popular puffed. Particle material currently on the market accounted for 80%, 5% extruded feed, premixes, concentrates and other 15%.

China's total production capacity of feed in the international community after the United States ranked second; in which the proportion of aquatic feed was 23%, reaching 30 million tons. The next three years, the total feed production in China will overtake the U.S. as the world's first feed power.

The emergence of feed machinery for the aquaculture industry, aquaculture industry, as well as the role is invaluable. Feed machinery and feed processing technology continue to improve, to make aquaculture more convenient. Take aquaculture industry, intensive use of animal feeds, fish breeding cycle shorter than 30% of extensive farming, Japan and unit growth rate of body weight increased by 50%.

Aquaculture animals cold-blooded animal, in comparison, livestock feed processing, more fodder to consider how to make it easier to digest and absorb. There are three main differences between first, smashing fineness asked not to be, as compared with aquatic animal feed crushed material fineness requirements are higher, aquatic micro-crushed material required or super smash, in order to facilitate digestion and absorption of aquaculture animals quickly; second aquatic the degree of curing material requires more than 90%, some even require high-grade aquatic products is expected over 98%; third is expected to require water aquatic settling time longer, in general, shrimp feed for stability more than 4h, the fish feed requirement for more than 3h .

From the 5t / h of product improvement to 220t / h to create value for customers

Dunwell's development is inseparable from the innovative products and services. 90 years since the last century, Zhengchang every year R & D more than 30 new products to meet the market demand for personalized feed machinery. In the feed processing equipment, Zhengchang several mainframe products have achieved a breakthrough innovation in recent years.

Grinder innovation. National Invention Patent Zhengchang-E champion Wang integrated crushing mill output increased by 30% compared with peers, to 10 tons of aquatic products produced when the material production line, for example, grinding efficiency increased by 25%, for the upgrading of 2.5 tons per hour capacity, every day equipment operating 10 hours for the upgrading of 25 tons capacity, the boot 30 days a month for the upgrading of 750 tons, 6 months for the upgrading of 4,500 tons, 70 yuan per ton processing cost / ton basis, for six months for the company to save 4,500 tons? 70 yuan / t = 310,000 yuan cost. In addition to capacity improvement, Zhengchang a new generation of fine grinding mill, noise are all ahead of peers, grinding fineness to achieve micro-crushing effect, eliminates the need to purchase a micro-crushing of money. At present, Zhengchang the latest generation of shredders, also installed to the stone to sand device, for suckling pig, pet feed, such as improving the quality of materials, providing a new breakthrough model.

Granulator innovation. Zhengchang a new generation of medium and large pellet mill has improved granulation room and transmission, so that granulation capacity increased by 15% or more. With an annual output of 100,000 tons of feed mill calculations, under the same circumstances may be more than produce 1.5 million tonnes of fodder to feed 60 yuan per ton processing fee dollars, you can save processing fees 900,000 yuan. In addition, the more produce 1.5 million tonnes of fodder, to 30 yuan / ton of calculating profits, but also increase the profits of 450,000 yuan. Zhengchang body chassis with a new generation of diesel engine cylinder block granulating materials, increasing life expectancy by one-fold. Zhengchang technical staff is in this bit by bit of innovation to improve in order to feed business to create value and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Mixer innovation. Zhengchang a new generation of mixers, use the Norwegian Silverberg technology, mixing high, large open no residue.

Extruder innovation. Expanded production of high-end functions Zhengchang SPHS120 pet materials, SPHS218 puffing machines produced 10 tons of aquatic products can produce all kinds of high-grade material. Zhengchang feed machinery, with a new face, new performance, to help feed business to achieve leaps and bounds.

Feed processing technology innovation. In addition to upgrading the efficiency of the host device, the Zhengchang also from the process design, equipment selection, piping wind road layout, plant a reasonable design, create value for customers. Zhengchang unique design processes and products (such as quenching and tempering time of up to 35 seconds, with champion Wang Xi-mill increase fineness Stoner to gravel, etc.) to help feed enterprises to reduce feed conversion goals for clients create a competitive advantage. With an expected 100,000 tons pig feed mill, for example, according to different regions and the temperature, feed conversion will be different, as in the feed conversion of 2.2:1, Zhengchang can do is 2.18:1, have 10 million tonnes of fodder could be a prolific 417.014 tons of pork, pork and 15 yuan per kilogram basis, the production efficiency can be more than 417.014 tons × 15000 yuan / ton = 6.25521 million yuan.

Dunwell is committed to a comprehensive solution to the problem by positioning the enterprise to provide users with high-yielding, stable equipment and create value for customers. In 2008, Dunwell Group of the United States Tyson (TYSON) to provide engineering services, production of feed quality and full service Tyson Group requirements. Dunwell, when produced 80 tons of feed production line was named in 2008 a major scientific and technological progress of China Feed Industry Award, for the Chinese feed industry to large, intelligent direction, specialized in fine doing a good job, "mother ship", provided technical reserves.

Zhengchang corporate vision is - to become a world-class food, oil, feed, machinery manufacturing and engineering company, to create value for customers, creating opportunities for employees. The company product is available through the European CE certification and the Russian GOST-R certification, product quality to international standards.

Feed machinery, primarily to the future development of two aspects, one hardware: improving feed machinery automation level; second is the software: to further enhance the feed processing technology. Gentrification will feed enterprise products, large-scale development. The larger the unit occupied by the output of lower production costs, resulting in economies of scale will be. In the future, production in the 50t / h or more medium-sized feed mill, 100t / h or more large-scale feed mill, 200t / h or more very large feed mill will be more and more, 5t / h less than 10 years after a small feed mill will gradually be replaced. Dunwell has been fodder for the next decade doing business equipment, technical reserves, Dunwell will continue to feed with domestic and foreign enterprises to work together to create a bright future for the world feed industry.


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