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TSC introduce ultra-slim silo wall panels

Published on 18 June, 2014, Last updated at 06:33 GMT
TSC introduce ultra-slim silo wall panels

Dutch Silo manufacturers Top Silo Constructions (TSC) have introduced innovative new ultra-slim wall panels to its range of products.

A smooth wall silo has a sanitary design getting its strength from reinforcements on the inside, creating a hollow wall space. In small bins, typically used for minerals or micro-components, the hollow wall space absorbs storage volume.

In response to this TSC has introduced the new ultra-slim wall panels. These panels are 50% slimmer compared to the standard wall panels and still meet the constructive strength requirements.

The ultra slim wall panels are typically suitable for bin sizes varying from 1.5 meters down to 1 meter or even less.

The storage capacity increases significantly up to +10%, while at the same time being more economical as they require less steel.

Shortly after TSC introduced the ultra slim wall panels, they quickly received two orders. Vobra (specialising in pet food) and ABZ (a Dutch feed miller) were both looking for a small square silo block with smooth walls.

The first project is commissioned by Ottevanger Milling Engineers, the latter by Heemhorst International, both Dutch recognised turnkey feed milling equipment suppliers.


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