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New feed mill plans announced by Sanderson Farms

Published on 4 March, 2013, Last updated at 01:16 GMT
New feed mill plans announced by Sanderson Farms

Sanderson Farms, the fourth largest chicken producer in the United States, recently annouced it's intentions to construct a new poultry complex, including a new feed mill. The new facilities will be located in the city of Palestine and Anderson County, Texas.

The new project planned to involve the construction of 3 new facilities in the area. A total of a $124 million USD has been allocated for the project, which will consist of a $92 million USD hatchery and poultry processing plant which will be built in Anderson County, and a $32 million dollar feed mill to be built in Freestone County.

It was stated at the announcement that the construction of the new complex will remain on hold up to a time when the company has a better visibility on future prices and availability of grain, and is also subject to other eventualities which include obtaining the needed permits, negotiating building contracts, completing building and obtaining board approval to move forward with the project.

Sanderson Farms currently operate seven feed mills and eight hatcheries.


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