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Malindo feed mill plan new feed mill

Published on 1 March, 2013, Last updated at 08:38 GMT
Malindo feed mill plan new feed mill

PT Malindo Feedmill Tbk, an Indonesian producer of poultry feed, continues to grow at a good pace and is set to expand it's operations this year which includes plans for the construction of a new feed plant.

The company expects the sales volume of poultry products to be the catalyst for growth this year and next.

With the growth spurred by: 1. higher chicken prices; which in turn will encourage more local farmers to breed chickens. 2. continued strong consumer demand for chicken; increased consumer purchasing power means increased chicken consumption.3. increase production capacity; with the additional facilities the company have planned to build in the near future.

In addition to it's plans to increase its poultry farms and operations it plans to construct a new poultry
feed plant with a capacity of 225,000 tonnes per annum, in Semarang [Central Java]. Next year the company plans to increase poultry feed capacity in it's Makassar [South Sulawesi] feed plant up to 300,000 tonnes per annum.

The company have a locan facility of IDR500b, for the expansion, although they believe that the expansion can be financed via internal cash flows.


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