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New compound feed mill inaugurated in the Urals, Russia

Published on 27 June, 2013, Last updated at 19:11 GMT
New compound feed mill inaugurated in the Urals, Russia

A new compound feed mill was inaugurated last week in the village Chastoozere, Kurgan Oblast in Central Russia.

The feed mill with a production capacity of 7tph, will be capable of producing enough feed to meet the needs of up to 2.5 million heads of pigs or cattle, representative of the project explained.

Director of the Department of Agriculture and Food Industry of the region, Sergey Zhdanov said at the opening "This facility was built as part of a large, long-term program, the completion of which in the eastern part of the Kurgan region may provide the creation of meat production cluster."

The new compound feed mill is more than 10,000 sq metres, and there are plans for an oil press at the site, for the pressing of rapeseed and other oil crops.

The oil, an ingredient that contains 30% of the protein requirements of growing livestock, will then be used in the production of formulated meals and compound feeds at the feed mill.


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