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Miratorg to upgrade Ivnyansky feed mill, increasing capacity by 30%

Published on 14 July, 2014, Last updated at 02:02 GMT
Miratorg to upgrade Ivnyansky feed mill, increasing capacity by 30%

Miratorg, the largest producer of feed in Russia, invest 380 million rubles (USD$11 million) to increase plant capacity at their Ivnyansky feed mill by 30% (to 340,000 tonnes per year).

Miratorg is actively developing its Feed Division with the strategy of increasing the production of basic types of meat: poultry, pork, beef.

Miratorg Agribusiness Holding currently operates 4 fodder plants in Belgorod and Bryansk regions with a total production capacity of 1.46 million tonnes, which currently meets all the feed requirements of the holding. Feed is very important to the company with the price of feed forming approximately 70% of the cost of the final product.

The company opened its first feed mill, ZAO Belkom, in Belgorod Region in 2007 which too this day has the largest production of any feed mill in the region, being able to produce 270,000 tonnes.

Miratorg remains focused on the production of feed for its pig breeding division, with its feed division producing both loose and pelleted compound feeds for different age groups of animals.

The Belkom feed mill plant is equipped with the most modern equipment and its the feed production in the plant is highly automated..

General Director Sergei Larionov said, "The need to increase production capacity by 30% at Belkom is due primarily to the expansion of the pig breeding division in the Kursk region. The upgrade, worth more than 380 million rubles will include launching a new line of shipping and pelleting, as well as increasing storage capacity through the construction of a raw material warehouse."


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