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KG Group sets sights on EU

Published on 14 July, 2014, Last updated at 00:23 GMT
KG Group sets sights on EU

Compound feed producers AB KG Group have announced its intentions to continue to invest in order to make its business more independent of Customs Union countries. It company aims to breakthrough into European Union markets, which while less profitable than the East are more stable with less risk.

The group of companies plans for the next few years include the development and modernisation of its facilities at a cost of more than 100 million. Lt (USD$40 million). The major projects are already underway, the Vilniaus poultry farm along with a cereal factory. With these postponing the planned pet food plant transformation.

In addition, the following will be developed into the poultry business, with the investments aimed at opening new markets to further reduce dependence on Russia.

Group investments in 2013. amounted to 46 million. Lt.

The company hopes to first branch out to Scandinavia, which is relatively close by. Although the profit margin is not as high as in the East, payments are more reliable.


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