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CFC Tech Solutions to release new software tool at IPPE

Published on 25 January, 2015, Last updated at 01:30 GMT
CFC Tech Solutions to release new software tool at IPPE

CFC Tech Solutions will announced release a new software tool for the animal feed and petfood manufacturing industries at the 2015 International Production & Processing Expo.

The AIMTM program by CFC is specifically designed for acquiring, managing, analysing and, most importantly, utilising feed, petfood and ingredient analytical data:

AIMTM – For Precise Formulations
AIM is a fast, efficient and accurate tool – AIM immediately accumulates up to date analysis data and prepares it for utilisation in more precise formulations. More up-to-date and accurate formulation data has a direct impact on formula costs, product quality and, ultimately, animal performance.

AIM is more than the normal definition of a "LIMS" (Lab Information Management System) – AIM acts as the central point for the accumulation and archiving of analytical data, statistical analysis and reporting and, facilitates the efficient use of the statistically manipulated data within feed formulation software.

For decades the Animal Feed, Petfood and Grain Industries have accumulated analytical data from both wet lab and NIR analyses. Although many systems have been designed to accumulate this information, few have been designed in a manner that focuses on the primary use of the data within feed formulation software.

AIM's crucial concept and strength is the ability to function as the central automatic and seamless communication between three primary systems:

- Material Analysis Equipment and Software and/or existing LIM Systems
- NIR Spectra Analysis Services
- Least Cost Feed Formulation Software

The Functionality, processes and user interaction with the equipment and programs involved with AIM focus strongly on user friendliness and a high degree of automation, efficiency and fast turnaround time to ensure optimal access and use of the collected data.


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