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AFIA/KSU announce two upcoming feed manufacturing short courses

Published on 3 February, 2014, Last updated at 16:52 GMT
AFIA/KSU announce two upcoming feed manufacturing short courses

The American Feed Industry Association in partnership with the International Grains Program of the Department of Grain Science and Industry at Kansas State University will host two education programs in February and April in Manhattan, Kan. The February course will focus on advanced pelleting while the April program—also sponsored by the National Grain and Feed Association—will concentrate on the development of a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan for all industry sectors.

The AFIA-KSU Advanced Pelleting Course, Feb. 10-13, will discuss the important concepts necessary for an optimal and efficient pelleting operation system in a feed manufacturing business. The interactive program is ideal for feed mill operators, managers, supervisors, merchandisers, equipment manufacturers, maintenance personnel and managers of livestock, swine and poultry facilities.

The second course, Establishing a HACCP Program for the Feed Industry, will be held April 14-17. The program is designed for all individuals within the industry looking to implement a HACCP plan, but particularly pertains to feed mill managers, quality assurance personnel and ingredient suppliers. The course has been offered by AFIA, NGFA and KSU for more than 10 years; and due to increased popularity, it has been held twice per year since 2010.

AFIA has partnered with KSU—the only U.S. university to offer an advanced milling degree—since 1976 to host feed manufacturing short courses. These courses are taught by a diverse blend of individuals from KSU and within the feed and allied industries and provide in-depth training on all aspects related to feed manufacturing. 


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