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Peco Foods announces new $25 million animal feed mill

Published on 28 September, 2010, Last updated at 03:00 GMT
Peco Foods announces new $25 million animal feed mill

Alabama, USA based integrator Peco Foods, Inc. has announced plans to build a state-of-the-art feed mill, which is expected to begin operations in 2012 with a $25 million price tag.

Company officials released a statement last week noting that the new facility will include a 110-car loop track and high-speed unloading capacity along with the 8,750-ton per week mill, according to Peco CEO Mark A. Hickman.

Hickman said the project is slated to be operational by spring of 2012 and site preparation had already begun.

"The new facility at Lake will support our growing customer base as well as our company's projected future needs," Hickman said.

Replacing old feed mill: "The Lake mill will replace Peco's existing mill at Sebastopol and all feed manufacturing from Sebastopol will be moved to the new site. We are very pleased with this strategy, which will increase Peco's capacity to transfer mill ingredients in a fast, efficient manner."

In addition to the 110-car track, plans include staging for 80 trucks and a streamlined distribution platform.

Phase one of the project will enable Peco to manufacture more than 13,000 tons of finished feed per week. In phase two, capacity will surpass 17,000 tons.

Peco officials said Younglove Construction of Sioux City, Iowa, will build the facility. An industry leader in producing feed mills for animal agriculture, Younglove has built more than three dozen similar facilities for many of the nation's top poultry companies.

Peco Foods is a family-owned business 13th largest poultry producer in the U.S. The company operates with four slaughtering plants, two further processing plants, four hatcheries, and four feed mills located in Alabama and Mississippi. The company is headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


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