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First feed mill to get new ISO standard

Published on 15 July, 2007, Last updated at 13:03 GMT

Gold Coin Feedmills (Lanka) Ltd (GCFL) was recently awarded the ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management Systems.

It is the first feed mill to be awarded this standard in Sri Lanka. GCFL is a Swiss-based company that manufactures a wide range of compound and concentrated poultry feed for the local market. They also manufacture cattle and swine feeds. “We have about a 60% market share in the broiler feed industry,” said Dr. Tharanga Ranasinghe, Food Safety Team Leader for GCFL.


Dr. A. R. L. Wijesekara, Chairman of Sri Lanka Standards Institution, speaking at the event said, “This is an era where we have all been deeply concerned about food.” He said that against this the ISO 22000 standard stands out. The entire supply chain is looked after under this standard, from the farm to retailers and even the packaging. “So this means that you are 100 % sure that nothing will go wrong and if anything does go wrong you can place your finger on it.”

“We’re coming to an era where you can’t export anything from this country without the ISO 22000 standard,” he further added.
“We are working with the workers, the farmers to produce safe food for the consumers of Sri Lanka,” said the General Manager of GCFL, Francis Fernandez also speaking at the awarding ceremony.


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