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GFI Ready For Enhanced Feed Ban

Published on 8 July, 2007, Last updated at 12:58 GMT

Canada's enhanced feed ban takes effect tomorrow and will mean no more specified risk materials from cattle in anything -- whether it be pet foods, or even fertilizers.

It's been an up hill battle to get ready for this for everyone in the beef chain -- as everyone figures out what to do with that material -- that includes spinal columns, heads, and intestines.

Brian Anderson is a Tavistock area dairy producer -- and chair of the Board for Gencor Foods.

He says they're as ready as they can be right now - even though in some case they'll be using wheel barrels to move the material around the plant.


Eventually they'll be installing conveyors and augers.

Anderson says those conveyors will be installed as soon as possible -- but he said it was only recently they actually knew how much product they'd have to handle.

He says those details just came out -- with previous talk that all blood may be considered an SRM.

He says in that situation -- they didn't want to purchase conveyors and augers -- to find out they had to buy new ones if what they couldn't handle the capacity.

Anderson also notes they are still hoping to get some government money to cover the cost of the enhanced feed ban.

He notes because all they are handling is the higher risk, older cull cows -- it will cost between 20 and 25 dollars per head extra to deal with SRM's


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