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Demand for wine by-product as stockfeed on the rise

Published on 10 April, 2007, Last updated at 12:35 GMT


As the drought continues, the demand for alternative livestock feed is also on the rise.

And as the nation's vintage wraps up, many producers have sourced stockfeed from wineries in the form of grape marc, a by-product comprising skins and stems.

Bill Grills from Tandou Limited, which processes the marc to remove alcohol traces, says there has been a lot of interest this year.

"I believe that when the drought does finally break, obviously that will change the demand on the marc and its value," he said.

"But the demand has certainly been significant because grape marc, certainly when it's been processed and leaving this facility, it does has some good nutritional value.

"I believe there will always be a market, but this year has been elevated."


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