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Fodder exports demand raises local prices

Published on 4 July, 2006, Last updated at 00:01 GMT

4th July 2006, PERTH, AUSTRALIA: A booming export fodder market is good news for growers but farmers looking to feed livestock in Australia are facing high prices and short supply.

Lucerne prices have almost doubled since November to around $300 a tonne, while hay prices are up between $30 and $40 a tonne.

Colin Peace, from the Fodder Industry Association, says drought in the US and Canada is helping to boost exports, at the expense of the domestic market.

"Those two markets often clash for supply so I think you could anticipate that certainly continuing," he said.

"There are always opportunities for stocks that are destined for export to be diverted for domestic demand.

"The export open hay market here has been enjoying firm prices and it looks like they're going to continue as well."


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